Changing my GPU - help me out!

Hello everyone, so I need to change my GPU, my Nvidia 750ti just died a horrible death and now I’m gonna get me a Radeon RX580 as a good linux user should always lean on the AMD side of things (tho I haven’t bought it yet so I’m still accepting recommendations on the same budget xD)

My question is: should I do anything for the change to work or is it as easy as just turning off, changing gpu and turning on again? Is there any procedure I should do for it to work? Any driver installation in advance?

Thanks for the help in great advance!!

Nvidia has come a long way with Gnu and Linux support. I would not discount it as an option just yet.
AMD drivers are included by default in the Linux Kernel. But this does not mean that AMD is always smooth sailing and problem free.

Generally, it should be as straight forward as removing the old from the powered off machine and installing the new- then boot up. The drivers will be loaded at init.
If opting for AMD, then you probably need go no further than that, assuming that your choice of AMD card has its drivers included in the 5.15.0-xx kernel. If your AMD card is very new, you run the risk it may not be.
If opting for Nvidia, you may boot up and fall back to the Intel Graphics (if present) and then need to run

sudo apt update && sudo ubuntu-drivers install

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On a side note, and I know its not been adopted yet but if Wayland does become mainstream then AMD is the one to go with.

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Oh well then it's super simple. Thankfully as well, hassle free! Thanks for the feedback.

-- And yes but I have taken a little bit of a disgust with Nvidia as a company, if they wont make the effort of including their drivers on the kernel like everyone else does, I ain't making the effort of buying their cards, no matter how good. I can't afford latest and greatest anyway xD


Nvidia is notorious with their own drivers having flaws.
It is an option on the table, but I wouldn't consider it Top Notch, solid or stable.


Yes, as a former Windows user (well still use 7 for web design as I can't get my head round scripting for web pages), and being taken in by the hype in the early days with the whisper of 'nvidia' on using their graphics cards. Earlier graphics cards were OK, but I think as things became ridiculous (1 Gb Graphics), so too did Russian spyware that could use the graphics card RAM to invade a system (read it in a magazine which has been trashed with a lot of other PC Mags I collected over the years. For me in the early days it had to be this:
If you have a fear of Clowns, don't watch this!

Which I still have with the Rainbow Runner addon. And I bought a refurbished TV Card just weeks before Analog was turned off! D'OH!

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