Changing notifications where they are viewed

Hi I am in the middle off swiching full time hopefully to zorin os from Windows

But one thing I can't work out at the moment if I can change how notifications show I often use the brave browser when I get a notification it right in the middle off then screen I like to be to make them show at the bottom or else where so its not so much in the way

I am using the default desktop environment i think

but i cant work this out is it possible ?

thank you for your help

This is an often-asked question, actually. You are asking about the Gnome-Extension that handles on-screen notifications being Centered and large, correct?

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hi i guess so as it brave that i use and when using zorin os it smack bag in the middle off the screen when i used windows it was in the bottom right was not as in your way before you closed it down

thank you for your help

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That is a feature of Gnome-Shell. I do not use Gnome, as I prefer XFCE (Zorin OS Lite).
On mine, notifications are small and placed in the upper right corner of the screen.
On Cinnamon, they are on the Lower right.

I have never really looked into fixing this... Whether it is a Gnome Extension at work or handled by the Shell. I will try looking into it.

thank you i had an look in sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

eg gome tweaks and i cant see it their

Search the app menu for tweaks

Once you install the tweaks app (it doesn't have the ability to move the notifications by default), you'll want to install the Panel OSD extension.

You can then activate the extension and use a slider for the horizontal and vertical position of the notifications and place them anywhere you want on the screen. Including right in the middle, if you prefer. :grin:


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