Changing the Cursor size in LXQt Desktop Environment

Should you wish to give LXQt a spin, the LXDE devs didn't carry over the size change when they moved to LXQt (naughty people!).

What you have to do is open the Menu and go to LXQt Settings then from the submenu choose Session Settings.
Go to Environment Variables (Advanced) and add a new entry:


then in the Value column enter a value up to 60.
60 gives a large cursor like this:

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That is one of the problems I've encountered when installing different DE's .... they never seem to give me the size cursor I want .... thank god Cinnamon took care of that problem for me ..... see my cursor on the left edge of your photo

Same. I am very glad in the XFCE and Cinnamon desktop,s cursor size can be defined. The only problem is that it cannot be so easily set for 4k monitors. I do not have this issue, but I know that others do and this needs to be addressed.

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That is the default cursor that comes with Devuan with Plasma DE and so easy to change the size. I just used the oreo cursor for tutorial - it comes in a wide variety of colours too! I do like the preview item in LXQt - as you place the cursor over the preview items you get a preview of how it will look when operational, e.g., the wait animation etc. :wink:

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LXDE eating lower ram. It is possible in Zorin?

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A user can install LXDE, LXQt or LXDE-gtk3 on Zorin OS.


I will do that. Today i installed Fedora LXDE on SSD USB hard disk. Will test how working without a gaming. It using gtk2/gtk3 i will used the same pc what Zorin is installed.