Changing the order of users at the login screen

In my login screen are three users. Is there a way to change the order, so that user2 will be 1 in order?
I found two different opinions for Ubuntu:

  • there is no way, they are sorted how often you login
  • there is a way via ```
    gsettings set org.gnome.login-screen users-welcome-order <username1>,<username2>,

What is correct for zorin?

Gday @gerhardbeck ,
Yes that command should work.

gsettings set org.gnome.login-screen users-welcome-order user1,user2,user3

If possible try setting>users>check the user you want first. maybe a safer way.

or try changing the order in the file itself.

sudo nano /var/lib/AccountsService/users/*

Navigate through the file using the arrow keys and rearrange the user names to change the order.
When finished,
Ctrl+othen Enterthen Ctrl+x
hope this helps

Thanks, I'll test that soon

    gsettings set org.gnome.login-screen users-welcome-order user1,user2,user3

Kein derartiger Schlüssel »users-welcome-order«

If possible try setting>users>check the user you want first. maybe a safer way.

There is no way to check a user

sudo nano /var/lib/AccountsService/users/*

is not existing
And in the userfile itself I can't find a way to order something:



Would having a blank login help?
This means, All user's have to enter their name & password.
try here.

i suggest this as the solution you wish for, i found a couple of references that it could lead to a system failure.

No, that wouldn't help. But it's not that bad, just annoying. Nothing worse spending more time if there is no fast answer

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I'll alert the other @community_moderators, they may have a better idea.
Please be patient as they may not be online at this time, but shouldn't be to far away.

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Might be it would help to know exactly what background software Zorin 16 Pro uses for login, so I might find a solution in the internet

Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04.(Using Gnome DE)
Is this what you mean?

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It uses GDM3.
I use LightDM on Zorin OS Lite, thereby avoiding this trouble. Gnome removed the User List Order functionality in GDM (Gnome Display Manager) shortly after the release of version 3.

Here is a thread discussing some work-arounds:

There doesn't seem to be a cure as what used to work appeared on the internet; was spotted by Gnome devs; and Gnome devs promptly went in and disabled those techniques.

Two threads popped up in one day that really show why I do not use Gnome. Even Microsoft is not as controlling with Windows OS. Windows is mostly annoying and invasive. Gnome seeks to Dominate the user.

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Thanks for the answers. These seem to be the only workarounds, so I'll test them.

Update: deleting /var/log/wmtp actually worked :smiley:

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