Changing the prompt in terminal

Was wondering if there is a way to change the terminal prompt in Zorin? I have been checking out some way however it seems not to be working using .bash at one point it denied access ? I even made sure i was in the root dir with no luck.

Can you clarify what it is you wold like to change?
Are you asking about changing the Prompt display?
The prompt behavior?
Are you asking about using a different terminal emulator than the default?

It says vinny@vinny-Thinkpad-T530:~$ I would like it to say, Vincent@Vincent:~$ is this possible? If so I would like to learn how to change this.

Ah, I see. That is your Username and your Hostname. You would need to change both...

You do have another option, though...
Here is my terminal:

I use p10k and zsh. Pazoff recommended Fish, which is very similar.

Hi Aravisian
OK right now the prompt says vinny@vinny-ThinkPad-T530:~$ I would like to change it to vinnysx@T530:~$ I tried using bash however I must be doing something wrong. Could I please get some advice on how to accomplish this.

Yes, please see my post above that answers this.


In this; "vinny" is your username - You wish to change this to vinnysx.
"vinny-ThinkPad-T530" is your hostname - You wish to change this to T530.

Do you want to change the prompt only or change the hostname of the machine and thus change the prompt?

I believe that the prompt is defined by the variables PS1, PS2 and PS3.

If you just want to change the prompt you can just run something like this.

Otherwise if you want to change the hostname then something like this.

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname new-name

In my wondering for more information about using bash, I found the .bash file and they said to go to the line number and change the command line there to change the prompt line. does anyone know what line number to change?

Can you like to the site you are using. That way we can help and see what you are talking about.

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