Chat for users in Spanish.

Hello to all the great Zorin OS team!

I would like to invite the great Zorin OS team to add a chat for users in Spanish.
Maybe they are few, however, I think I could support a chat in that language to stimulate new users to use and support this great project; the Zorin OS project.
Congratulations for this great operating system and go ahead!


Gday @Shemesh , Welcome to the community !
This forum is based on English as you see. We occasionally get the request for different language section's.
As this stage we don't have a large amount of helper's in different language's, Yes we have alot of helper's from all over the world.
But to get quick help in different language's we would need 2-3+ helper's within each language.
This maybe possible in the future.
At the moment if you Create a Topic using another language, we will try our best to Translate & help.

The other side to this is , If there is a solution in a different language, Other's of a different language will not be able to find it.

Please Note: All helpers in this forum are Volunteers.

Hope this helps.


As Ocka has mentioned, we do get posts on the forum in different languages, but English is dominant.
It is not difficult to use an online translator to convert text to English and vice-versa. This seems to have worked adequately so far.
If there were to be separate Language Sections on the forum, there is a danger those would be ignored by knowledgeable English language members and the level of support diluted.

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Hi friends Ocka and zabadabadoo!

I appreciate your messages.

I understand what you mention.

I congratulate you for your great work.

Greetings Zorin friends or "Zorifriends".


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