Chat of piracy, hardware and Linux distros

@Aravisian Im very confused, which thread is which?

Take your pick. It appears there were several.
As this issue has been made apparent by the Slam Dunk the release of Zorin OS 16 was, it appears to be a very hot topic.
It's not unusual to have hot topics spawn multiple threads and combining them all into one big thread can be even more confusing since the merging posts follow timestamps, not reply order.


But it has like the same name and, wha?

Link both, please.

Ok I think it's good, there no more weird stuff alr

Here is another: Zorin pro being pirated

Im going to be honest.
I pirated The pro version at first. BUT i only pirate stuff to test them out. (Calm down, let me explain)

i wanted to test the full ZorinOS before committing. my financial situation isnt that good so im very cautious with "wasting" my money.
So if im 50/50 on something pirating before committing is a great way for me to decide, and it almost allways ends in favor of the Devs. if they make something good then they have nothing to worry about!

BTW, it was so good that i ended up buying it within the hour lol. I dont regret anything.


Zorin OS Core is free, safe and vetted by the ZorinGroup. You are better off testing with Zorin OS Core. If everything works and you would like to support development, then choosing Zorin OS Pro.


Still I suggest doin this
Fight fire with fire, load Pro Isos with malware and srys stuff, those that wipe the BIOS outa MB and let em feast on em

Everyone refer to the core version as the "test" stage...
so Pro version is THE OS to run?
Should I install the available Pro isos? my situation is truly fqd honest 2 God

Zorin OS Pro offers some additional layouts and many apps that are preinstalled - but that any user can Freely install (For Free) on their own. The purpose of Zorin OS Pro is to support and fund development which is what makes pirating it such a silly venture.

Not true.
People buy the Pro version to support the Devs.

If you are unable to buy Pro, then the free Core flavour of ZorinOS is an excellent choice. That would be far better than a hacked fake version of Pro which may contain malware, or could even be Core just labelled as Pro.

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I think the piracy situation is getting completely out of hand. Guys, did this all happen with previous versions of Zorin too and I just somehow never knew about it? Cause this feels like a new thing to me right now.

And it seems like no matter how hard the Zorin team fights to have illegal PRO versions removed on sites, more pop up all the time, like a constant battle. I can't wait for the pirating to me over.

Cause then it would be one less thing to worry about, in Covid struckin world we live in now.

Nah, Zorin Pro is basically like a donation. You can get the Mac Layout by tweaking yourself.

There is no reason to pirate pro. Core offers everything pro does minus the freely available, bundled for your convenience software and two layouts. Core is just as hearty, quick and responsive. I actually liked core, without all the extras, less to remove. Pro has been no different in experience. If you're in that area of the world that paying is not possible, don't pirate, use core. No payment and it's official, supported and you will get help here. Pirate and you'll never get an answer to the time of day here.

Be a part of the community that supports and believes in this os, or find answers on your own. You tell us which is the better choice.:thinking:


The second download link is what you want.


Topics like this should not even be allowed to be here. The Zorin OS team is fighting against it you said, but why a topic about piracy. This topic can give users with a core version the idea to use google and find that pro iso to download.

Close this thread and delete it please...

@zabadabadoo, if you do some search over the net its not a iso that is hacked. Its the launch iso and not the revision 1 version. Means it does not have the efi fix for some older dell machines

So in other words, when a pirate does launch it on a Dell, they realize one thing that is very very clear. Its not DUDE, your getting a Dell! Its..............

DUDE, your getting SCREWED!

HAHA :joy:

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I do not agree.
Topics like these do not promote piracy, but instead offer the opposing viewpoint to it.
Silencing opposition is never fruitful. Educating is.

If people are going to look for a pirated copy, they will do so. The forum will not give them the idea. There are more people that would know of the pirated copy, before they ever heard of Zorin OS or the Forum for it.
Threads like these at least offer an outlet where real users can point out the fallacies and risks of downloading a pirated copy.


I don't know about you guys, but it really gave me a real sense of pride, when I purchased Zorin OS 16 PRO! It gave me a very good feeling inside, a warm feeling, that I did the right thing. And you never know what the Zorin team are going through. Maybe there having a bad day, but then they see that somebody just donated 40 bucks to them for OS 16 PRO, and then it makes them smile and feel better. To me, thats a win win.

The problem with pirates, is they don't have an ethical bone in their body. They are all about stealing from other's, and they don't care who they have to hurt to do so. The real trouble is these days, you got these new capitalist pirates. They steal and they sell, I don't trust any one of them. They hurt other's with their deeds, and I don't think thats cool.

But you know what is cool though? The fact I am typing this message on an old dual core machine running Zorin OS 16 PRO. :heart_eyes:


There many views on piracy, some people just say "It's free real estate", some people say it's stealing, some people say it's fine, some people don't even care.

At the end of the day, people do whatever they want. You can't stop them, so just chill and live life as it is.