Chat of piracy, hardware and Linux distros

Working hard for the sake of 39 euro. Pretty sad people's mentality. I posted my impressions of zorin over on the omgubuntu site and the amount of abuse I got was ridiculous. People mentality is really screwed.


I font think it would matter. Laws seem to be only guidelines in most countries, there but never enforced unless the owner takes a civil case.

Zorin OS 16 Official Release has been a smash hit. The ZorinGroup has been very busy with answering user requests and tickets, following bug reports as well as hoping to put time into further developments.
Much less... Some time off...

In the middle of this, they must devote time and energy to working with the ZorinGroup Company Legal Advice and chasing down and mitigating piracy.
Not only do pirates try to benefit from providing bootlegged, faked or even legitimately acquired copies of Zorin OS Pro, taking the developers hard work and time for granted - they take the developers time pursuing the problem.

It is a sad thing to note that the ZorinGroup is well experienced in handling such affairs.


That is the very reason why companies install copyright protections for their hardware and software. Companies learned early on if they didn't do this, other's would steal their ideas. It happened to IBM back in the 80's, it happened to 3DO in the 90's.

And believe it or not, even though you'd think any company would be too scared to pirate the designs of Apple's products, one such company had no fear. Back in 1999, E-machines pirated the 1999 Apple all in one Imac, yes, the classic very well known for its beauty machines that came in many colors.

Well, E-Machines learned very quickly that was a mistake, when Apple sued their butts. And surprisingly, there was a company in Japan that also copied the same 1999 design and made it look too close to Apples product, so they got sued too, and Apple won the suit as well.

If you don't have legal protections put in place, people will abuse your product one way or the other. Zorin team could use a team of lawyers to rain hell on these pirates.

Don't forget about China who do it on a mass scale. What is worse is that the laws are just guidelines to individuals who are the real problem and are too expensive to go after. I would not envisage Microsoft or any other company going after individuals who pirate software in the likes of China, India etc.... zorin is very much in the same boat.

Popular a market in China selling all type keys license to any software. I don't know if this legall but for me this sneaky.

That is a News to me.
Would you mind to share the link here?

Tokyo Court Orders Production Stop To The E-One

This was the more famous, because it was sold in America, E-Machines IMAC clone.

I just realized that there are many youngsters out there who never got to see these beautiful machines. But this is what an official Apple 1999 IMAC looked liked.

And thats literally a picture of the machine in the best looking pose possible lol. These were groundbreaking machines at the time. Not only were they faster then previous POWERPC MAC's, but they were gorgeous, and came in different colors, as well as performance hardware options.

They were one of the first MAC's to include an ethernet port and USB ports by standard. Slot load CDROM drive, back when that was a brand new thing, and Apple got rid of the floppy drive finally. lol

Infact, the Apple IMAC G3 was such a huge success, that they introduced a similar looking IBOOK Clamshell laptop with the same sort of theme.


Your words gave me imagination in my head this situations a "survival jungle and the weakness will be eaten in virtual world".

Thanks for those very interesting photos!
I left Japan in 1986 and was not very up to date to Japanese news till the internet became widely available.
In those dark age of information, they only news source was 2 month old monthly magazine came by boat.


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Anything that gives the two fingers to the west is legal in China. I remember when land rover took a Chinese company to court for copying the range rover, it did not end well. Apple also did not fair well either after the iPhone copies which is why apples footprint is small related to population in China.

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Much of tooling is the same way. Companies in the USA stopped trying to resist it and instead, moved over there.
Snap On tools is well known for strength and durability, as well as being Made In The USA.
Snap On, along with several other Tool-makers including giant Danaher, were sued by the US Government in 1999 for infringing on the C.O.O (Country of Origin) markings. Snap On and Danaher had been making the tools in parts in China, then merely assembling them in the USA and marking the tools as "Made in the USA." By the law in the USA, to mark as made in the USA, all parts must be made in the USA.
S.O. reached a settlement with the US Govt to meet instant compliance in exchange for Little Press on the affair... which is why Snap On Tools have no C.O.O. markings for a couple of years after 2000 or so.
Danaher answered this by moving the entire factory to China and just marking the tools as Made In China from then onward. As the primary supplier for Craftsman Tools, this is why Sears Craftsman brand suddenly switched to China. It's a small shame since Sears / Craftsman had no part in any of these dealings and was Bound By The Contract with Danaher... But it was enough to deal a killing blow to Sears as a company (Sears had been faltering since its acquisition by K-Mart Holdings Co.)

Yes, and it don't help the Sears newest CEO, ran the company as a hedge fund, and bankrupted the company in the process.

Sears didn't need to aquire Kmart, and yet they did. Sears didn't need to buy tablets for all their staff, yet they did. One bad decision after another.

A lot of companies who used to manufacturer in the US, moved to China. Cheaper to make there then in the US. Once you learn about sweat shops like Nike, you begin to see the awful picture.

Reality is companies want to make a buck and not spend it all on regulations and government tax. But as America has whitnessed recently, you can't sustain the economy manufacturing overseas during a tech shortage.

When the tech shortage began in 2020, suddenly gamers couldn't finish their DIY builds cause no more video cards available. In 2021 it got even worse, now it's good luck if you even find a pre built computer that can do gaming!

If you don't manufacturer it n your own country, then your dooming it to fail as a nation that can't support itself. Which is why Biden made that deal with Intel.

Unfortunately, it takes 2-years before the factories will be built and begin production. Which means we won't see the end of this till then.

A country is only as good as it's foundation.