Checking your hardware compatibility before installing

Run Zorin in Live mode (Try Zorin) and install hw-probe:

This uploads your hardware and then advises if you need any special drivers.
Have updated the Comic Relief version of the Unofficia Manual (Comic Relief edition) to include this valuable bit of information early on in the manual - a bit out of place in the manual but do not have time to rearrange pages and contents as it becomes a bit of a pain!

And yes, you can install any application in live mode provided you have enough RAM space as when in LIve Mode Zorin uses free RAM.

Obviously, such applications do not 'stick' following installation - they would need to be reinstalled.

I'm thinking here that live mode probably should have a "Will this machine work" popup that does the heavy lifting for new users; after all, they're not going to know what is where or what to run.

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I think that is a non-starter. The hw-probe uploads to the internet so it can be accessed to see if certain hardware needs dedicated drivers or workarounds. Motherboards have varying on-board chipsets which would not make it feasible. At least with hw-probe you would be made aware of any issues that might need hardware drivers that is known to work under GNU/Linux. (
Let's face it if you want GNU/Linux to work flawlessly, then it means investing in machines made specifically for GNU/Linux which I have listed in the Unofficial manuals for 15 and 17.

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I was thinking along the lines of leveraging hw-probe for the suggested function, to at least give new users some direction, and what to expect of what they have.

Well perhaps Team Zorin could include it in the live iso? :wink: