Checkout Problems

I couldn't submit the Support form because as of yet I don't have a "Registration Number".

I'm currently trying to purchase 8 copies of Zorin Pro to support Zorin and Ukraine :ukraine: :heart: however unfortunately the Zorin Checkout wont let me pay :cry:


Please let me know when this is back online so I can put my order through. I would hate to mis the deadline for the funds going towards helping Ukraine.

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This has been tagged to the ZorinGroup for review.

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Thank you very much for your generous support!

Because our checkout is handled by SendOwl we unfortunately don't have direct access to their servers to debug this issue.

We would recommend you to try clearing your web browser's cache. Alternatively, you can try purchasing Zorin OS Pro by opening a new Incognito/Private browser window to make sure any browser extensions or settings aren't interfering with the checkout.

I tried leaving a while in the end and then using an Incognito window and I'm glad to say it worked and went through! Thank you for the support and great OS.

I've been loving your OS for my personal use at home and now I'm bringing it into our business, we're pretty confident we're going to be using it wider spread. We may not have necessarily needed to pay for it (I haven't checked the fine print on that yet!) but we wanted to help support Zorin and their kindness toward Ukraine <3

Thank you to everyone at Zorin and the community here.


Oh and I forgot to say our business is excited for the release of Zorin Grid so we will be watching that space :grinning:


Thank you very much for your kind contribution, it means a lot! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying Zorin OS.

If you wish, we could add you to our early access list for Zorin Grid so you could be among the first to beta test it ahead of the general public.

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We would very much like that! Feel free to direct message me or email me via my address on your records from the order yesterday.

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No problem! We've just added your email address to our early access list for Zorin Grid.

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