Checksum Errors & Support - Pro Edition

I bought the Pro edition not long after v16 release. I didn't install it straight away as existing Fedora install was running so well. I then thought I'd wait for the XFCE o Lite edition and install on my secondary device.

In following the email link provide neither version will install. Every time I get a checksum error. I still tried to install (and IIRC) the outcome is a crash and an 'fsync' error!!

Worse still I contacted Zorin via the website for formal support on 5 January but received no reply. I should not need to go on the forum to get answers, but help would we welcome help from forum users.

Thank you.

I would run SMART check on your disk and check for bad sectors.

Aravisian has given you great advice, to check the drive, to make sure its good.

But I'd like to know a couple of other things too. First, did you double check the checksum hash of the ISO download for integrity? Did it pass the check?

Another thing I want to know, what ISO burner did you use to burn the ISO file to the USB flash drive? For your sake, I really hope you didn't use Etcher. Since you were already on a Linux OS, you mentioned Fedora, you could have installed Popsicle.

IMO, Popsicle is the best light weight ISO burner, that has a built in hash checker, every burn I have made has been successful with it, never has made a bad burn. And having the convenience of the built in hash checker is truly awesome.

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