Checksum problem

I cannot find a checksum for Zorin 16.3 Pro and Zorin 16.3 Lite
Anyone can help with that?
@Aravisian Do you think so i need writing to brothers?

Yes, you may need to ask them directly. They have removed them from the SHA / Checksum list on the Zorin Website help page.

Ok. I send them e-mail. I hope not waiting so long for answear. Last time it was very fast responding.

The sha256 checksums for Zorin OS 16.3 are the following:

Zorin OS 16.3 Core 64-bit: 58b99c071958c2039f51ddf2e10e7afb483fed3fcef5d91702bcb5db7b9e2432
Zorin OS 16.3 Lite 64-bit: e01cdba7bb3609f48e7e1b073e46c09cb61b0a964cbd967a537498475937d776
Zorin OS 16.3 Pro 64-bit: f6aa215a802b19f2029e1cc6e15dee35878677e0f27de7c63bf799dc6b2b20b7
Zorin OS 16.3 Pro Lite 64-bit: b82f817495bc9a6e8c045585f473aa6827e7467420d49eb4b36fef24065702cf
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That is a little worrying. I checked on web archive and previously they stored all the checksums of the available ISOs for download, as it should be.

Sorry, @Bourne, as far as I can tell those are correct based on web archive but I was hesitant to reply in case those may be already incorrect. There's also the risk that someone ends up here in this thread instead of the official help page, at some point in the future when these will most certainly be different.

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Well you mean web
I trust brothers Zorink.
I checked and they pass.
Besides if someone bought Pro version the version 16.3 ISO still exist on server. For me this is fairplay.

Yes, I mean Is not that I don't trust the brothers but the thing is they may do everything right, and still someone finds a way to sneak some malware without them knowing. There's no reason not to have them somewhere easy to find, at least for the versions that are still currently within their supported lifetime.

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