Chicago95 customization assistance

So I've gotten Chicago 95 to install, but I want to tweak it further. Is it possible to do so?

Yes, it is. You can ask specific questions about details you wish to change.

Is it possible to move the titlebar text off to the left side of the window? And is it possible to make the taskbar more 95 like?

Are you using Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite?
Core uses Gnome Desktop and Lite uses XFCE desktop.
XFCE uses a fully configured Window Manager that handles the titlebar.
Gnome does not have a full window manager and passes off the titlebar and other functions to GTK to handle.
Changes to the theme will require a different approach for the titlebar depending on Gnome or XFCE.
This is also true of the Taskbar (panel) as XFCE uses the xfce4-panel and Gnome clumps that into the shell (gnome-shell).

If you click the User Icon for your profile on the Upper Right of the forum screen, then preferences > Profile, you will see an option for editions. Here, you can set your Zorin OS edition in your forum profile so that you are not asked or have to relay it every time you make a thread.

Zorin OS Core

Ok, no problem. I suspect user @dasjdoom or @Storm may be the best people to help you with adjusting the panel (taskbar) in Gnome-shell.
I can also provide some pointers.

As far as the titlebar text, I am not certain what you are seeking to do can easily be done. I will look further into this just in case...
But the "text-align" property must be set within the widget gtk. This cannot be called on by the gtk.css unless it is set in the widget.
As I understand it, most widgets in gtk do not have it set. I have not tested this thoroughly to be sure... But I just tested multiple configurations of the header .title css property with no effect.

In either Cinnamon or XFCE Desktop, this would be very easy to set up because both have a dedicated Window Manager. In Gnome (Core) however... it relies solely on the gtk widget properties and the gtk.css and this means... Headerbars are very Tricky in the CSD layout.
Headerbars can vary in size depending on the widget. Be misaligned. Cover or not cover other parts of other widgets...
This is why I do not consider Gnome to be "polished" by any measure of the word; If you want to witness Gnomes Rough edges - theme it.
Which is why Gnome is pushing so very hard with LibAdwaita to ensure others cannot theme it.

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