Choppy Video playback - Intel Graphics 620

Hi there,

I have installed Zorin 16 onto an all-in-one computer we use in our living room. General desktop feel is great, with smooth animations. However, video playback is extremely choppy. Full screen YouTube is not watchable.

I have seen other posts talk of tweaking the Xorg configuration, but I am unsure on Zorin which files I would need to tinker with to try this approach out.

Any ideas how to get the Intel 620 working properly?


Search 'Mesa' and 'Beignet' in the 'Software' app and install it. If it is already installed, then you might need to ask someone else who has more experience than me, like @Aravisian, @FrenchPress, @marko94 and @Storm. They have helped me a ton in such situations, so you can have a go :+1:t2:

I also have Intel Graphics 620 along with Intel Core i3-7020U, 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD, and I do not experience much lag while playing any videos. Switching from normal to fullscreen mode does have a bit of lag, but after that it plays smoothly. If possible, please mention your computer's specifications, so that I can reply according to it :slightly_smiling_face:

(P.S. Also check if there is any updates remaining for your computer and install it whenever possible :wink:)

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Are you talking about video play back in general?
Or video in browser?

In latter case, you could try a different browser.
Linux has many browsers to chose from. There is even MS Edge for Linux.

I had a thought.. that PC has the scaling set to 150% as it's a little distance from us on the table. I scaled down to 100%, logged out and in again, and now boom, the video playback is smooth as it should be!

Smooth playback is more important on that machine than enlarged UI, so I shall leave it at that now.

Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:


Hahaha you should've told me that you had done fractional scaling. Even i had tried it, but it lagged. The Linux distros supporting wayland has a more fluid windowing experience, so if you had Ubuntu 20.10, then fractional scaling wouldn't have been much of a problem :wink:


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