Chosing Target

I am a little befuddled ... I have tried to install 16 Lite version 3 times and it does not honor the target selection ... it just gives a non ending error which requires shutting down the system. I use Ventoy for ISO loading BUT 16 Pro installs without issue but 16 Lite will not ...


I just tested this on a couple of older Machines...

Since another user posted the same complaint this morning (my time). Then you posted this new thread with the same trouble.

I had the same issue. Zorin OS 16 lite would only see and try to install on my External Hard drive. I had to unplug it - then it finally saw my primary drive.
It seems there is something going on in Zorin 16 Lites Ubiquity installer.

@AZorin @zorink may need to look into this one.

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Alright; as long as someone is aware and I wasn't going crazy :slight_smile:
Cheers :slight_smile:


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