Christmas Goodies


I must bust your bubble. It's metallic.
I think the lighting is what made it look orange.

I have always used Avantree wireless headphones without issue on Zorin OS. They just work.

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I see your bike is designed for the Southern Hemisphere :upside_down_face:.

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This is how the new keyboard is. I love it.
With the old keyboard, you could see hair, dust, food crumbs... whatever grossness... up under the keys. With this design, I can blast a can of air and get rid of it all into a trash can. With the old board, I had to disassemble the keyboard in order to clean it.


Exclusively for bicycle. I didn't have a reliable way to check pressure. Still carry a mechanical mini pump while riding.

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Budget curved monitor , been using hand me downs for 20 years.


Konnichi-Wa Winged-San

If I had to guess, judging by how it spatially looks on the desk, that is a 24" curved monitor? Samsung is actually a high end brand, so their budget line of hardware, would actually be considered a higher tier option from other brands like LG, and TCL.

Thats a nice looking display, its curved design should keep the screen within your peripheral vision, so less you need to strain to see things at the side. Being's that its a modern monitor, it probably has at least 2000 nits of brightness, and I am guessing its at least 1440P at 120-Hertz.

Congratulations on your new monitor, I like it. That kind of looks like an apple keyboard BTW with low profile keys. Now all you need is an illuminated keyboard like all of us have. Time to turn that desk into an illuminated RGB disco desk. When not working, you begin to jam out. HAHA. I just being silly HEHE


I am late to the party! But Santa gave me (even if I am an atheist) an SSD drive, to upgrade my HDD.
But the drive is only 512gb, while my HDD drive is 2tb and almost full! The hdd is 3600rpm, so it is slow as hell. What do you recommend?

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As long as you don't do heavy production workloads, massive file transfers at one time, you can get away with buying 2TB drives from TeamGroup. They are cost affordable right now, and if it's SATA SSD, you can easily afford a 4TB drive, or if it's an NVME SSD drive you need, 2TB is the cost effective option.

If you do heavy file transfers at one time or 4K production workloads, then your going to want to be looking at Western Digital Black drives, as they perform better and have a longer lifespan, for this use case.

If your a gamer, you should know, gaming is less dependent on drive speed, then it is GPU, CPU, and RAM speed. As long as the drive performs at 3300MBs or better, that's more then plenty for gaming loads.

The old standard SATA with its considerably slower max speed of 600MBs, is almost good enough in itself for gaming loads, but there is a measurable improvement in the speeds of even a basic low cost NVME drive.

Another option you have, is to buy a 2TB external SSD drive. Some are SATA based, and some are NVME based. Both rely on the speed of your USB ports. But if your computer is not even as new as 2018, forget using NVME based external, and go with SATA based external, due to compatibility reasons, and port speed restrictions reasons.


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I don't recommend TeamGroup SSD's anymore, I bought a 240 and a 512 GB SSD, and they just worked for about a year, but I have some Adata SSD's, they are superb, good speed and long lives.

It is a Samsung 27" but with curve about 24" across.Something to keep in mind when purchasing. 1080@ 60-Hertz (Budget). The keyboard& mouse are Linux friendly Seenda usb chargeable. Just plug them in while using once in a while using.

I'm on the north end :smile: My bike season never really ends as long as the roads are clear and it's not too cold, but that bike is in the basement for the winter. I had cracked a hub last summer and broke a chain a year before which deformed a tooth on the cassette.

I didn't notice until replacing the rims so just replaced everything required. I road 16,000 + miles on 3 Bikes in 2023. The pictured bike gets the most outdoor mileage.

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Bought this for/to myself. 80 hours on one charge.


Very nice Storm, I really hope the radio looking unit serves you well, and that you enjoy the sound from the Marshall headphones, who's brand is most famous for, and you guessed it, guitar amps. Sometimes I am in the mood for some smooth jazz as well hehe.

I also recently got a new pair of headphones. All the cheap garbage I was buying, kept breaking at the hinge points, because plastic just doesn't hold up. (Made to break) So, back in November, I purchased the Denon AH-D9200's, their flagship audiophile model.

They are powered off of my S.M.S.L SP200 desktop AMP, which I upgraded it with a gold aluminum volume knob, better then the plastic one it came with. Single ended 1/4 audio jack connection to the headphones.

Then the sound goes through a vintage Realistic 12-band equalizer, where I fine tune the sound how I want it. From there, the sound comes from an S.M.S.L M200 Dac, which the sound feeds into that from a fiber optic cable.

All the rest of the copper cables are 22-gauge in the audio chain, but the cable the Denon's came with, is silver core cable inside, black sleeve exterior. So suffice to say, quality audio gear, to help deliver me the best sound that I can afford.

Other then the sound being absolutely amazing from my Denon cans, I also appreciate the quality metal headband, its built like a tank, super durable, and its never gonna break. I had to pay a lot of money to get this quality though, I was tired of the cheap garbage that would not last.

I love it when people share their goodies, thanks for sharing!

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