Christmas Goodies

I got a new 2terabyte drive.
And since my keyboard broke the day before...

I got a new one...

Feel free to show off your goodies...


Nice! Is that a SteamPunk keyboard? Love the old typewriter style keys.

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It makes a very satisfying old style clakkity-clack when typing. :wink:

I always preferred mechanical keyboards anyway.


here's mine


I got a pair of socks, but I guess you wouldn't a picture of that. Findus got a can with fish.



Can be installed from repository with

sudo apt install bucklespring

Buckle emulates the sound of an old IBM Model-M space saver bucklespring keyboard while typing within an X session.


It looks like Santa had some Delivery Problems, so my new Keyboard comes in this Week - hopefully.

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Depends on the Design of the Socks, haha!


New stuff for next bike season . Wheels, tubes, tires, chain, cassette, peddles and a digital usb pump. Gifts to self since November. New curved monitor coming Jan 5th.


For me it was a new keyboard also and some much needed New Years resolutions .....

Replaced my Logitech Bluetooth mini keyboard with a mini USB one with the scissor style keys taking so getting used to as I have to push harder to make it type correctly ...... got tired of the Bluetooth one not staying connected all the time especially while gaming .....

Seems we have a run on keyboards this Christmas ..... all except Storm and Findus .....


My keyboard runs 'til it can't anymore. Other than that I need to buy some new headphones this month.

I think Santa doesn't like an atheist like me, Coz I need a new headphone, just I don't know what kind of Bluetooth dongle is compatible with Zorin OS


Oh, I don't know... he was pretty kind to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edimax and EVEO are both known for having good GnuLinux/ Linux support.


Ty, I'm afraid that I can't find these two brands in Iran markets, how about TP-link?

TP-Link usually works. The odds are good.

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Oh, that's no Problem. Santa comes to all good People. Maybe that is the Point with my Delivery Problems, haha!


WOW, what a neat keyboard! I agree with SWARF! Its got those round type writer style keys, you don't commonly see those in keyboards anymore, so that is considered a unique style in modern day. But that orange outlining is a real modern design take as well. I love your blue illuminated lighting as well, congrats!

Hmm, what brand and model 1TB drive did you get, I assume your computer is new enough to use M.2 NVME drives, since you got that new desktop awhile back correct? Just as a quick refresher, my computer is using 2 of these Western Digital Black NVME drives, they are PCIE Gen 3, so roughly 3300MB/s speeds.

Those drives are far more affordable then anything coming out of Samsung's factory, whether it be the older PCIE Gen 3 standard, or the new gen 4 or 5. And you can buy cheaper SSD drives then this, by going with brands like TeamGroup for example, but WD Black drives are better for production workloads, or heavy file transfers. Gaming would be about the same though.

I already bought a new keyboard a couple years ago, and haven't had the need to buy a new one. (Knock on wood I don't spill coffee on this one, YIKES!) Its the last gen top of the line Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard with mechanical linear keys. They are not as tactile as clicky switches, but they won't make the whole house angry, or the office.

Since I am on a role, might as well show you my mouse and computer as well. This is my Logitech G502 gaming mouse, its actually Logitech's most popular gaming mouse, its incredibly precise, but does suffer from a double click issue at times. But at least since its wired, it doesn't suffer from wireless connection issues, like my previous Logitech mouse did.

This is the computer that I bought 2-years ago, almost 3-now, and I got a post on it, on the board. MSI GE76-231 Raider notebook gaming computer. Intel 10870H 8-core 16-thread CPU, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, Nvidia 3080 16GB GPU, and of course 2-TB of Western Digital Black NVME storage. Zorin OS 16.3!

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I got one of those, but mines a little different. They are great for bike tires, but don't try to use them on a tractor or car tire, takes forever lol.

One thing I like about them is, they are nowhere near as loud as my shop air compressor, no hearing protection needed! Also, I like the feature that they stop pumping, once they reach the desired tire pressure.


Santa love everyone, he does not hate. But he does distinguish who gets gifts, based on who is naughty or nice though. So have you been naughty sir? lol

Does your headphone absolutely have to be wireless? If you have a wired 3.5mm connection, its easier to just plug into that and save money. If you absolutely have to go wireless, and your computer has no built in bluetooth adapter that works on Linux, TP-Link is a solid brand, that should get you going.

This one is supposed to be Linux compatible...

This one is also listed as compatible for Linux...

As you mentioned, you might be limited on what you can get in your area. But you should be able to find what you need. Good luck!

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Thank you for your explanation, I guess I was a good guy.
And damn, I like that Air Pump, it's so gorgeous