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Yes, if those files are not backed up, they would be overwritten.

Creating a separate home partition is certainly a move of the wise. In spite of this... I have not ever bothered to. There are two reasons why:

  • I prefer to not save the entire home directory. Some parts of home should be reset to default on a reinstall. I prefer to limit it only to that which I must save.
  • I prefer to limit the partitions I create to the least necessary number.

Prior to installing Zorin OS, you can make Back Up copies of your home /Pictures, /Documents, /.config, /.mozilla, .conky, /Downloads or whatever else you need. You may want to back up files in home, like .bashrc, .inputrc or .profile.
I usually back these up by compressing the directories on a duplicate home on another drive like a flashdrive. The additional files or the replacement files can simply be dragged and dropped onto the compressed directory on the flash drive to replace or add the files, making this pretty easy.
My case is a bit trickier because of all the changes in Root that I make.
So, I have another duplicate for that, in which I organize where those changes go alongside with the change files themselves.
When you have backed up your important files and data, double then triple check that you have every single thing. Nothing worse than committing to the reinstall only to suddenly realize you forgot something.

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