Chrome browser is running slow

Windows 10, 3 different installs of Zorin16.2 Pro, on different machines and even phones an tablets.
Chrome is taking forever to respond and repeatedly popping up {Wait] or [Reload} prompts.

Firefox works MUCH better at this point.

Is this from their stupid "Anti-Ad Blocking" initiative?
Cause I'm getting ready to ditch "Big G" all together.
Search gives me nothing for the last to years, and the last 2 weeks has been slow browser hell.


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How was Chrome installed e.g. Flatpak, Snap or apt?
I don't use Chrome hence the question, but the packaging method may have something to do with its functioning.


Try SRWare Iron... it has versions for Windows and Linux (and even 32-bit versions, which Google no longer supports... so if you've still got an old computer with a 32-bit OS that you use, this is a good browser), and I'm using the same exact browser under Zorin OS as I used under Windows.

It's Google Chrome, with all the Google corporate spyware stripped out. The only extensions I use are uBlock Origin and TabActivate, but you can install any extensions you want from the Chrome Store.

I've not noticed any slowness from it.

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I'm think it was through Software. Other wise I use *.deb files.

On Windows 10, the install was from Goggle Chrome website itself.

If through Software Store was it apt, Snap or Flatpak?
I don't use Chrome, so don't know what sources are listed for it on Software. Snaps and Flatpaks are sometimes more problematic.

I don't install any ad blockers in Firefox, just strict tracking protection. That suppress a lot of offensive ads. I don't consider all ads harmful and don't intend to become a free rider.

Don't know, I never used it enough to notice that, since I use Firefox I don't need to even think to Chrome. HELL, I DID IT RIGHT NOW :cry::rofl:.

I'd do the same if I wouldn't have much stuff connected to Google, so if I can I don't use it much, if I can use other providers I do it.

See if enabling hardware acceleration helps, :point_right: From the upper-right of your Chrome browser, click the three dots icon. Select Settings. Click Advanced and select System. Enable Use hardware acceleration when available.

Anyone is annoying with search engine google in google chrome? I changed for LibreWolf and there search engine is better.
I mean i can put words in search engine and it searching "nothing" what i am interested.

Google is a groomed-garden search engine... you don't get anything they don't want you to see.

I use as a search engine... it's much better at returning relevant results, especially for scientific search terms. And they don't track you or keep data on you.

As to Chrome running slow, when I clean up my drive, I dig deep... part of the code I use clears all Chromium caches. I use SRWare Iron, which is Google Chrome with all the corporate spyware stripped out.

for f in /home/$USER/.cache/chromium/Default/Cache/Cache_Data/; do rm "$f" -vf; done; for f in /home/$USER/.cache/chromium/Default/"Code Cache"/js/; do rm "$f" -vf; done; for f in /home/$USER/.cache/chromium/Default/"Code Cache"/wasm/; do rm "$f" -vf; done; for f in /home/$USER/.cache/chromium/Default/"Code Cache"/webui_js/; do rm "$f" -vf; done

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For clearing Chrome i using a Bleachbit it gived me usually 4GB more free space.

Go into settings of Chrome / go to System (wrench symbol) and TURN OFF hardware acceleration . Retest your browser Chrome.

If you can, can you give the top output (not complete !) of


This way we can learn a bit about the Processor and more ... its speeds.

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