Chrome causes whole screen glitch

Hi! I'm on Zorin Core 17. I have been using Zorin for a couple months now. Mi issue started this morning.
When I open Chrome, the whole screen glitches out, and the chrome window itself is invisible. As soon as I close the Chrome window the glitch goes away. It doesn't happen with Vivaldi or Firefox. See image below for an example.

Currently I moved to Vivaldi and might stay with it indefinitely, but it would be good to know why this happens in case I need Chrome again.

It might be a Wayland problem. Although I have used Chrome with Wayland or X11 working fine.

If you are on Wayland try X11 or if you are on X11, try Wayland. Let us know what fixes it.

I have the same issue and I believe it is related to a bug in the latest version of chromium. I have reverted back to the previous version for now. It seems to affect some people on Linux.
You can see some reports here on Brave: Brave 1.65.114 freezes on startup on Linux · Issue #37716 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub
and here: Chrome 124.0.6367.60-1 fails do draw UI ("invisible windows") with Nvidia driver - Fedora Discussion