Chrome (Flatpak version) problem with fullscreen/window switch (double click)

Hello there,

Somebody affect problem with Google chrome full screen/window switch? (double click)

It working strange... (not switch, only flash a "move" icon a bit) only if you click a three time switch it.

Other apps (native and flatpak) seems working well.

My system:

Zorin OS 17 Pro (Wayland)

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Ahh i found the solution :slight_smile:

Posting the solution here, just in case that reddit post goes away:

  1. Right-click on the title bar of any Google Chrome window;
  2. Toggle 'Use system title bar and borders'
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I prefer the official Debian package at Google's website. It's fast and a traditional package. I don't have anything against Flatpaks nor Snaps but when able, I sort of prefer a native package if given a choice. However, sometimes, a containerized package makes sense if newer with improved features or better performance.

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In the past, i also think same. But now i use only flatpak every software that i use. The reasons:

  1. dependencies. Not important the OS/Distro, everywhere run everything well.
  2. programs are up to date
  3. Not rubbish the system. flatpak uninstall --unused --delete-data literally delete everything.

But i hate snap.. first thing when i install Zorin that i fully purge it.

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