Chrome no longer prefers color scheme

Hello, I recently upgraded Zorin OS. Now I'm having an issue that Chrome just don't respect the dark mode I have set in Zorin Appearance. This worked just fine on Zorin OS 16 though. Should be a fault of Zorin OS 17? Chrome version: 121.0.6167.139

I am not sure I had a dark mode on Chrome with 16.3 - I had to use the Dark Reader Chrome extension to get a dark mode which was my preference.

Alternatively, and I have not used this in about 2 years maybe, you can use the "chrome://flags" command inside the Chrome browser.

From there, then search for "dark" in the search box. You will get the Chrome experimental dark mode feature with a drop down box.

Pick and chose which one you want. I used the "Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements" I think. I may have experimented with the settings but not sure which one is the better choice.

I ended up finding the Dark Reader extension in Chrome which was more than enough and did what I wanted including the ability to turn it off on some websites that already have a dark mode enabled.

EDIT: I just recalled that Microsoft Edge has a built-in dark theme - maybe you were using EDGE? Edge is based on Chrome.

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That's the case I would go through, but I don't want to have dark mode extensions, I want to use websites' dark mode colors. Which is determined by prefer-color-scheme

Chrome does not do that. I have used many distributions including Windows and a default dark mode or system theme for Chrome is not a thing. Maybe you had some sort of extension you installed and forgot about? My suggestion is to try Zorin 16.3 as a live USB and download Chrome and see if you can replicate that dark theme based on the system theme.

Nope, I didn't have any extensions. It worked fine on Zorin OS 16.3 aswell as on Windows

Win does does have the feature that Chrome will respond to the theme light or dark mode.
I am not aware of Zorin OS ever having this feature. In fact, I set the Chrome Browser by using a Chrome Flag to darken page elements excluding images.

Maybe it was a different browser? Brave or Edge or Vivaldi? All of those are based on Chrome and they might have default black themes. I think MS Edge has a default dark mode but not Chrome-proper which is available via the chrome://flags settings.

Well even Electron apps (chromium) makes the element inspect is white, so problem with setting it within Zorin OS?

Chrome browsers are not developed in Electron.

However, Electron applications carry their own theme appearance with them (look at example Steam) and do not utilize or reflect or react to your system theme at all.

So an Electron App will not respect the theme or day/night settings regardless.

Well not the electron app itself, but the inspect element, as it is all Chromium. Discord is an example

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