Chromium OS

I have one Chromium OS.
This is mostly stupid operating system with all that things.
When you login you put e-mail or mobile number then waiting for code to your a mobile. It not comes and the best is you cannot login to operatin system.
You can login just only like a quest.
What a stupid idea. No code you cannot use a chromebook what I bought.
Stuuupid very Stttuupid idea.

Just like Windows 11! :rofl:
But not if you install Windows 11 whilst not connected to the internet!

I mean I asking code it wrote also without internet connection and it not comes. Alien stealing code :rofl:

Whenever I login to Google on a new device I get a popup on my phone and click "Yes, that's me".

I like that.

I prefer 2FA with Aegis, not Google!

Plugging Aegis:

I heard that chrome os can run linux natively and if it can run linux it can technically run windows apps also

@Adithyansm But Google will still data scrape.

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