Cinnamon On Zorin Pro Lite

The directory or icon .... I don't have an icon showing in sudo -i but I do have a Gnome On Xorg .....

/usr/share/wayland-sessions directory, then remove the extra Gnome .desktop file included in that directory:

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Now I only have Cinnamon ..... Gnome ...... Gnome on Wayland ..... Gnome on Xborg and Zorin OS Lite Session .... so it looks like you solved this problem too ....

Gnome on Seven of Nine?

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Sorry about that it is supposed to be Xorg .... just threw in the b for good measure ...... not really my mind is shutting down time for my nap ..... :+1: :rofl:

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Good one I was to tired yesterday to appreciate your humor ..... Star Trek Voyager forever ..... :+1: :rofl:

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