CKB-NEXT for Corsair Keyboards


maybe you can for the Coarsair keyboards.

Include the CKB-NEXT setup software.

So that one does not get over 5 corners for this hardware only the settings into the system.

Do the instructions under Ubuntu section on: work for you?

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Yes with this manual I have installed it on my computer.

It is just a pity that it is not available as deb file.

For Linux beginners or people who are switching from Windows 10 it will be very difficult to install the drivers or settings software.

That’s why I would have liked to have it installed like Solaar did.

I know exactly what you are talking about, as I have two peripherals, keyboard and mouse, that were both designed for Windows, that I have operating under Linux lol.

I have CKB-Next, the newest version, which is allowing me to use my Corsair K95 keyboard. And I have Open Razor for my Razor Deathadder Elite mouse.

I also know what you are saying too. Each and everytime I’ve had to install a new OS or re-install, I’ve had to redoo the installation of the drivers and daemons.

Since there are so many brands of peripherals, I’d say its impossible for the Zorin team DEV to spend all the time and research required to download and install all that for you. However, you never know, and they may indeed surprise us lol.

The only issue I have with my Open Razor app, is that the app link to the hardware gets toast in literally every system update, and requires re-installation of the app and or driver.

EDITED: Please note, the mouse is still perfectly usable, its just I can’t config it again unless I re-install the OR app and or driver.

That is exactly what I mean.

I don’t have a problem with it myself, but an older person over 70 years of age will not have it so easy to integrate the hardware properly.

And I can’t go there again and again to install the hardware because a new driver/update is available to set up the computer so that everything runs again.

This may not completely mitigate your concern but just thought I’d mention to also check under Zorin menu -> System Tools -> Software Updater -> Settings -> Additional Drivers. If any device drivers are present here, it may make the process a little easier since then you just have to select them.

I only see something for the graphics card. The Corsair keyboard was not shown there.

I understand. I was providing it as a future reference to help ease driver installation. As I mentioned, it doesn’t completely mitigate your concern but it may help as a first stop before you move on to alternatives on driver installation.

Ok thanks for the info.

One more question, why is the current Nivdia driver 455 not offered yet?

More generally speaking: - so, dependent on the stability of the distribution.
That said, NVIDIA does offer Linux drivers on its website that you can download and install yourself.