ClamTK older version (6.02) V.S ClamTK newer version (6.13/6.14)

I'm just curious about the two versions of ClamTK, an antivirus using GUI. I already installed one using the terminal, but it's the older version (6.02), and when I do a sudo apt update, it says it's the latest version. But when I searched on Github, the newest version is 6.14 and in the software app is 6.13, which closed in the newest version.

So, should I install the newest version, or would it be OK to stay in the stable/older version of the clamTK?

Are you running ClamAV too? These are only the gui bit. You need both.
Actually I could never get ClamAV to run properly, maybe I'll give it another go.

Yes, I already have ClamAV and ClamTK when installing them in the terminal. But I'm just confused If I should install or replace the ClamTK with its newest version because the terminal installation gives the oldest one.

I don't think it really matters since its the other bit that does the scanning.
The newer one might be more stable.

That is probably because the older one is a deb package that comes with the ubuntu repos. The newer one is the flatpak version. Either of them can be stable..But the deb package should behave more smoothly. I am not sure if the deb package will have the latest virus definition or not though.

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The github for ClamTK is at version 6.14

Which you said in your original post. duh!

I've instaalled the newer one and it's working for me this time.

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Yes, I checked it lately, and good to know it works fine!

ClamTK is just the GUI overlay for ClamAV, so latest version of that is not critical.
The underlying ClamAV app is updated via Software Updater, anyhow thats how I have seen it updated on my ZorinOS machine, including recently.
Also when you run ClamTK I understand it first updates its virus definitions before it scans for malware.


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