Classic UI Login in Zorin OS

Now that is alarming :skull:

I think somebody needs to take a close look at the code in modern day Wine.

Wine is supposed to be sandboxed like a Flatpack. But it clearly has access to all your system folders and home folders, and allowing stuff to get screwed up. I wanna know what is going on with modern Wine.

Wine should never allow Windows software to brick an OS. But I fear that Wine is no longer what it once was way back in the day. This is going to keep happening, its not going to fix itself. Were going to get more people coming in here for the same thing.

I am starting to think that maybe the Zorins should make a PSA post on the forum telling people to not use and install Wine. IDK. If it were me, I would say, DO NOT use WINE, and DO NOT install Wine.

i used zorin for compatibility, if not for running little windows apps and completely screwing my os, i would shift to windows instead

@FrenchPress uses a Virtual Environment for Windows.
That may be an option for you.

In the meantime, it sounds like the desktop itself was removed somehow.

I am not sure if this was a software Uninstall action or not. But that action may be a clue about what happened to the desktop.

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No issues here if you know what you can install and what not. You tried to update a bios/firmware using wine. People already gaved advise to install windows if you need to do a firmware or a bios update to play save. Don't blame wine for a user error please.

So because you made a mistake you tell people everywhere to avoid wine ? Wine is handy for windows apps and games, to make things easier for users who came from windows and make their way to linux. Is that not what zorin wants ? Make things easy for windows users to make their big step to linux ?

You demotivate (new) people by posting this (everywhere).

Do you think this might help?

Not sure; need a clear list of what was removed, really.
The O.P. has been unclear about what happened and what led up to the event. Without that information, anything is just a wild guess in the dark.

BIOS / Firmware cannot be updated using WINE under any circumstances.
I have not seen the instructions in question, but if instructions say to do this, then those instructions are very wrong.

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In regards to my specific case. I didn't know nothing. I thought that .MSI file was some unique zipped up archive, that when run, would extract, and I could get the firmware files out of it, to add them to CKB-NEXT manually, as it has an option to do just that BTW.

How was I supposed to know that the .MSI file was going to launch Wine, and then do all the damage it did? Corsair has no warnings on their page saying, don't run this on Linux.

Now, in regards to the OP's case, you seem to forget, they installed Wine, and after installing it, their desktop environment got removed. And here you are defending Wine, simply because it works for you.

Cause you know what else a beginner doesn't want to have to deal with? How about losing their DE, or the whole OS all together?

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@StarTreker , I have PM'd you in regards to this issue.

@Michel , while you do have the option to disable PM's, it makes it difficult for Mods to PM you if they need to address something.
Please consider enabling PM's.

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Interesting coincidence I answered a question about meta trader on the winehq forum a few days ago. Although that poster’s issue seems quite different.

My guess, based on limited information, is that wine was fine but whatever you used to install meta trader may have been the problem.

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