Classic UI Login in Zorin OS

Hey.! Everything was going good until i restarted my laptop and all of the sudden it started showing me a weird old UI login screen with a big ubuntu logo like its from windows 98, kindly help me reset it, my zorin core appearance do not show any layout as well.

This has happened to me before back when I was on on OS 12. If there is a GEAR icon next to your name at the login screen, make sure ZORIN OS is selected.

Also, once your in the OS, make sure all the Zorin extensions are enabled. I remember when I had issues back in the day with those extensions getting turned off, and that screwed up my OS till I got them back on.

Please outline what you were installing or removing, or any Upgrades or updates you ran prior to experiencing this.

I actually installed wine and configured it, but it seems like even my login menu broke down. No other then that i did not tweaked it. My zorin themes are not showing in menu and my login screen is all messed up. any way to recover or fresh start without live usb ?

The issue is, i can not see default login screen. just an old styled ubuntu named login screen. with no graphics like straight out of windows 98. so no icon just a username and pass field

And notice how all this happened after installing Wine?

I know your not aware of this, but I've had really bad experiences with Wine. And the latest bad experienced involved a .MSI file that launched into Wine and ruined my system.

So, I guess what we need to do is repair your Zorin GUI, and then I would recommend the removal of Wine afterwords. Does our terminal meister @Aravisian have a command to repair the Zorin GUI via terminal that he can launch in safe/recovery mode?

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Flash back of bad old days...


i just need help, like my zorin appearance app is not showing any theme plus my login graphics are driving me nuts as it is showing a big ubuntu logo

I am afraid something went very wrong.
Did that happen just after installing Wine without attempting to install any .msi or .exe files?

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What method did you use to install Wine?

Preemptively, you may try

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop gdm

Go into Synaptic ( if you don't have it installed, install it through the store) , search Zorin and see if you have the Zorin appearance files installed.


You mean you just installed Wine without doing anything else?

i was trying to use metatrader so i configured it and only changed windows 7 to 10.
meta trader exe wasnt installing to i left it, but it turns out something wrecked my os

Did you follow a guide for installing Wine? Something we can reference?
Did you add a Repository?

dont remember adding a repo as i installed window support from software, and then directly installed an exe that installed wine

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yes absolutly

Sadly, this does not leave much room for troubleshooting.
Above, I suggested reinstalling the Zorin OS desktop environment. I think this is worth trying.
@DeanG suggested using Synaptic to do the same.

As You and @FrenchPress both said: Something went very wrong.
Normally, we would try to figure out which step resulted in the failure. Better to know the cause than to just throw packages at it.
But if the gnome-software manager was involved... There's not a clear path to trace.

I encourage you to use what you have to make back ups of your personal files, just in case.

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And if I were the OP, I would never trust Wine again, nor .MSI files or .EXE files. I have had nothing but bad luck with Wine, and most recently, it was a dreadful experience. And what the OP has gone through, feels a lot like what I went through, just a little bit different in the end result, however, very similar.

I don't know what it is with Wine, but it never is something I have been able to trust. Yeah, I know, I get it, its supposed to be a compatibility layer to allow you to run Windows software. And how did that go for us? The answer, terrible!

There is no warning that comes with Wine that says, warning, running Windows software could brick your OS. I really think there should be a warning.

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Honestly... I have been on the forums for a reasonable amount of time.
In the last week, I have heard the First Two cases of this happening with Wine.
I have installed and removed Wine many times. I have used Wine, though it has been a long time since I have. Never seen anything like this prior to this week.