Cleaning PC

I must sayed a cleaning PC taken mostly all day.

Well I don't put all photos but it takes in my big room many spaces, the parts are everywhere.


I cleaned mine out a couple of months ago when I installed a new SSD. Crazy how dirty they get lol

Interesting how often you need cleaning a pc or a laptop and change a pasta on cpu and gpu. That is important for healthy PC. Dust can kill electronic a components. Share your knowledge.
I can put more photos from my cleaning. The mostly help me toothbrush and vacuum with the a tools a cleaning pc.

That sounds about right ..... when I built my gaming desktop many moons ago I had 8 fans to remove and clean but when I chose my case I picked one that allowed me to remove both of the side covers to get at the goodies to clean or do repairs ..... much much easier ....

I can't wait for this to become a thing:


Storm or Swanderfor437 gived me correct advice how fans must be connected but my old Fractal R5 have only place on 3 fans two front and one back also one huge on pc- it very old and still working. One a man sayed noctua pasta is best for pc. Grizzly pasta for a gaming is some stealing a money from a wallet.

We can put here some subject about how to cleaning PC.
Maybe someone here is expert or have some good tips or tricks like Copperfield that guy from a magic.

I noticed that the inventor stated in the first part of the video that his device wasn't meant to replace the cooling fans ..... to me it looks like you would need a whole bunch of these little buggers to cool a compact computer .... maybe notebooks or netbooks would benefit more than my 17 in gaming compact computer .... als Laptop" .....

But it is a step in the right direction as it has no moving parts and doesn't require cleaning .....

Thanks for sharing .....

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Deep clean anyone?!


Can this be cleaned up?


He said they are not trying to replace ceiling fans, as in, large fans meant to cool entire rooms. In an earlier interview they talked about the current limitations and future goals, and basically the goal is to make this solution scalable i.e., add as many chips as needed to increase thermal performance in the same way that you add more RAM sticks to increase memory.

But even if it doesn't work out I think it's great for notebooks and smaller devices like smartphones, Raspberry Pi's, Steam Deck, etc. Heck even being able to use a laptop in your lap without worrying about heat damaging it.

This is oddly satisfying to watch :sponge:

Very help me cleaning pc that tools what can be used with vacum.


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