Click on Update now & seems everything is 2 times as large

I really don't know what happened. I just installed Thunderbird and was setting up my accounts. A notice pop-up (nothing to do with Thunderbird) something about updates is ready to be installed. I clicked on install now. In few seconds the screen looks double in size no matter if I open firefox or Edge or any other application. It is like the monitor is set 200% oversize.
Also, how do I get rid of the dark background in all panels?

What graphics card are you using?

You can use the terminal command grep "install " /var/log/dpkg.log to check what recent updates were installed.

How do I type in that command? I know how to get the terminal.
Also had two monitors now only one works.
2021-09-08 17:26:44 status installed libc-bin:amd64 2.31-0ubuntu9.2
2021-09-08 17:26:48 status installed man-db:amd64 2.9.1-1
2021-09-08 17:26:48 status installed dbus:amd64 1.12.16-2ubuntu2.1
2021-09-08 17:27:17 status installed linux-image-5.11.0-34-generic:amd64 5.11.0-34.36~20.04.1
2021-09-08 17:32:18 install thunderbird:amd64 1:78.13.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2
2021-09-08 17:32:18 status half-installed thunderbird:amd64 1:78.13.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2
2021-09-08 17:32:23 status installed thunderbird:amd64 1:78.13.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2
2021-09-08 17:32:23 status installed mime-support:all 3.64ubuntu1
2021-09-08 17:32:23 status installed hicolor-icon-theme:all 0.17-2
2021-09-08 17:32:23 status installed gnome-menus:amd64 3.36.0-1ubuntu1
2021-09-08 17:32:26 status installed man-db:amd64 2.9.1-1
2021-09-08 17:32:26 status installed desktop-file-utils:amd64 0.24-1ubuntu3

Can you hold the left Shift key at boot (Or tap it vigorously at boot) to enter the Recovery Menu Advanced Options for Zorin.
Select the 5.11.0-27 kernel to boot from.

Test if the scaling is back to normal.
For reference, please see:

OK I will give it a big try.

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Taping the Lshift key or holding it did not do anything. BUT I noticed when it was going to boot menu one option was Advanced Zorin so I clicked on it and by golly there was a choice to Select 5.11.0-27 so I went for it.
Everything is back to Normal as far as I know. Now back to install Zebra Printer.
Thanks Aravisian.

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Will try to update the forum when the kernel issue is fixed. Please stay watchful so you can update normally.

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