Clipboard history

Windows and ChromeOS (maybe MacOS too, never used it) include a clipboard history that easily allows the user to paste multiple things. Zorin OS should have this too (disabled by default of course, for privacy reasons, and could be activated from the privacy settings, or by trying to open the clipboard history)

i'm on zorin lite and while back was also searching for a clipboard manager thingy but couldn't find anything preinstalled.
so installed qlipper and it's working perfect

Yeah, but what i'm talking about is a preinstalled clipboard history app, or even a new clipboard app by the Zorin Team.

I haven't tried installing it on Zorin / gnome / xfce, KDE stuff has a nasty habit of requiring 75% of Plasma be installed as dependencies for a single app, but Klipper is hands-down the best clipboard history manager I've ever used. Way better than the gnome apps / extensions I found recommended across the internet when I first installed Fedora Workstation on my tablet. Unlike those, Klipper handles everything perfectly and consistently with sane defaults. So, while I fully understand your request and kinda agree with it, I'm also kinda glad there isn't a pre-installed clipboard manager.
I too think the clipboard extension like this should be installed by default.

Zorin's default DE, Gnome, has it's clipboard manager, GPaste.

How can you install that extension on Z 17.1?

I'm gonna install it by visiting that internet address? I doubt that.

If you prefer not to install extensions in the browser, you can install Extension Manager in software store.

I would prefer installation from browser, but that option is broken in Zorin, which doesn't surprise me since almost every new version of gnome-shell breaks compatibility with older extensions. GNOME Shell breaks catastrophically every few months - Desktop - GNOME Discourse
If you use 'Extension Manager' app you'll see that extension You are talking about is not available. Upgrading Z to 17.1 broke extension for GPaste on my system (but it still is working well with keyboard shortcuts).

I haven't checked in a while but I used to use Gnome's Web (formerly Epiphany) to install extensions as it comes with builtin support for it.


would prefer installation from browser, but that option is broken in Zorin

It is by no means broken in Zorin. Gnome Shell Integration is not pre-installed in Zorin. You just have to install it and you're good to go!

See the documentation