Clock in panel showing incorrect time

So i just looked at my clock and it showed incorrect time in the panel.
then , I checked the time and date settings and the time-zone was correct the time was set to manual and it was correct.
When i restarted my pc, the time was correct in the login screen.
And again wrong in the panel but right in the settings.

I also checked the time with "keep synchronized with internet servers" but it doesn't affect the panel time.

Please help me correcting the time in the panel.
Thank you

Dual boot with Windows ?

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No , I have only one system installed that is zorin os lite

Can you run the following command and give us the output?


Sorry, I reinstalled the system and every thing is fine. That was version 15.3 and now I have installed version 16 but there is one another problem

I will open another issue on this forum
about my xrandr not working

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