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Hello all. I would like take a clone my operating system w7 and want use a some linux software. This system I want record on usb pendrive. Clone system I want started on Zorin software vmware. Please give me some solution or good guide because i try many options and cannot find or i tried but doing that bad. Again I want using Zorin to create copy system and put on usb pendrive, where next forward this on Zorin system in vmware. Thank you for any help

I created on usb but this is very slowly on linux. The problem because this is on usb pendrive?

Have you tried RescueZilla?

The famous Clonezilla is another option. Only thing is, it has to be booted into Clonzilla to work, that means booting off of a USB drive.

As far as LIVE USB speeds, it depends on a couple of things actually.

First, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0? USB 2.0 is too slow. USB 3.0 is faster and works better. USB 3.0 10GBPS to 40GPBS port is best.

Second, speed rating of USB drive? If its an old slow drive, then its not going to do you any favors. You basically want a drive that can do super fast file transfers, I find that a USB connected SSD drive to be best.

Standard USB flash drives have a limited write quantity before corruption. SSD drives last longer and are much faster still.

For example, Samsung has a 1TB USB 3.0 SSD drive that is rating for 1050GBPS I think. Thats gonna be blindingly fast, especially if you have a USB 10GBPS port at least.

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Yes I agree. I saw on Zorin no problem install inside vm any operating system. Once what was some information about my vga graphic card is low preferences in virtual machine.

Virtual machines require a good amount of hardware power, because they are basically emulating another system or OS. The better your hardware, the smoother and faster a VM will run. Bourne, I see a new computer in your future, I think you do too lol.

Actually Rescuezilla is just a GUI version of Clonezilla.

I myself use Clonezilla from the day 1 of Linux use, but most of the beginners find it too difficult to follow its CUI.

Thank you for that information FrenchPress! It makes me wanna check out RescueZilla now. Anything that is Clonezilla, but easier to use, I am all for it. :wink:

And the mascot of Rescuezilla -it is absolutely cute!
Just for that cuteness alone, it worth a checking :heart_eyes:

I appreciate a cute super hero Tux as well! :heart_eyes: Downloading the ISO, will burn at a later date, and then check it out. I assume it works just like Clonezilla, just boot off the drive and all that goodness.

Today I discovered some trustly websides sayed true. Some developers games and software lied sayed : "This is not working on Linux". Remember about my problem with game loa3 app what I get info from developer yesterday not working?
Well when I yesterday watching video from channel youtube "" and he show a review Zorin Core vs Zorin Pro" I discovered he was using one app from distro software in Zorin named Windows app Support. The file what cannot before working and opened tried this today and working. I am closer to using only Zorin. Yes about clonezilla GUI is very friendly for beginners users. I remember it was before more difficult.


Rescuezilla is the only way I managed to make my husband (former Mac user) and his daughter (former Windows user) to take a backup of their system.

You can see how Rescuezilla is beginner friendly just from this anecdote.

I wrote on youtube and checked some tutorial about Clonezilla. Yes it is very simply to use.

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Yes this tutorial I watching today.

Ok. I found a two hard disk extended. One ssd 32GB and one hdd 1TB.
Which one from them best used in vmware? Bigger I wondering is best choice for more place. The next I wondering installing a clear operating system only with drivers. One question also everything in vm cannot go outside to primary system.
Maybe this ?

I will just take a iso and put in vm.

Created Iso RescueZilla. Not working.

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