Cloning profile to another PC

Hi all!

Ive tested Zorin for quite some time now and I think I would like to install it on to another PC with the same hardware, however I would like to prevent inventing the wheel once more, thus Im wondering if there is a easy way to transfer profile, startup-scripts, background, personal apps, preferences etc in an easy way. And what happens if the OS build would be more recent than the original?

Has someone encounteref this need before and how did you solve it?

Hmm ... You could make a Back-Up on Machine A and then bring it to Machine B. Or You could use a Clone Program to clone Your Drive and then You take the new Drive and place it in Your other Machine.


Since you are asking for cloning, a byte-for-byte copy of your entire hard drive using something like Clonezilla is your best bet. But I wouldn't necessarily recommend this since it takes a lot of time and causes a lot of read/writes on the hard drives.

Another option is to copy over the home user's profile only. This will account for most files like personal documents, pictures, etc., some common configuration files, like Firefox profiles, and whatever programs that are install as Flatpak. Other software and configuration files would need to be installed normally but it's probably easier and safer that way.

If you are comfortable with the terminal here's a quick overview of how it would look like.

First of all, a mandatory disclaimer that you run this at your own risk.

In this screenshot the commands above the black line (steps 1 and 2) are run on the source computer, and the ones below (steps 3 and 4) on the target computer. I'm using the same computer for convenience but you can see that I deleted everything and then restored from that backup file.

Pay attention to the spelling; seemingly minor details are important. Like that trailing dot (.) at the end of the command in step 2 (which is not there in step 4 despite the commands looking nearly the same) or the fact that we're running commands from /home; you can navigate to that folder with cd /home.
Another important point that I'm assuming is that the compressed backup file "home_folder.tar.gz" was copied from one machine to the other. It's important that you move this to the /home folder as well.

I'm also assuming that the target computer already has a user account created with the same username as the one from the source machine. You can create that separately if you wish, for ease of mind − if something goes wrong you can delete that user and start over.

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I'd just clone the disk and put the clone in the new PC

Foxclone .... is easy peasy .....