Closing the screen on my laptop?

I have Zorin OS 15.03 installed on a Thinkpad T460 laptop and I presume when I close the lid it goes to sleep. Is there a way to wake it up without entering my password?

There is a setting in „Energy settings“ (I‘m using German setup where the entry is named „Energieverwaltung“, so I don‘t know the exact naming in English). Go to the „System“ tab. There is a Checkbox under „Security“ at the bottom. Unckeck the „“Lock screen when going into standby mode“ (again I need to guess how it is named).

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Question: Do you have Zorin 15.3 Core or Lite?
For Core, you can turn off “Lock Screen” in Settings>Privacy.

I can see no settings under Settings>Power that relate to Lock Screen.
Maybe @phunsoft has Zorin 15.3 Lite, which could be a bit different.

Whilst not exactly what you want, there are some possible “lid closure” action alternatives mentioned here:

Note: Zorin Core has Gnome desktop and Gnome tweaks can be installed to mildly “customise” Gnome desktop.

Yes, I do, actually it is Zorin Education Lite 32bit

This fix worked for me on my MacBook Pro mid-2014 13” on Zorin 15.3 ultimate

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