Cloudflare WARP direct connection

Hello Guys,
I know this is not a related question about Zorin OS,
Since internet situation in my country, Iran, is so bad and these days we can't use free internet. Unfortunately.
I am using Cloudflare WARP on my mobile phone, and it's OK, when I want to use WARP on my Zorin via android cable (Tethering) I can bypass the government filtering, but when I want to use direct internet from my modem, the WARP doesn't connect. I can't figure out what's happening.
P.S: I don't have Wi-Fi connection, I use LAN cable.
Thanks for giving your time to help.

Have you fully installed all components?


Yes, I installed all components, when I try doh mode, the client can connect but nothing happens, I am wondering why when I use same internet from same provider over a SIM card (4G) I can use internet over Hotspot or Tethering, but I can't use internet directly from modem without these technologies.
How about I use Wi-Fi extender with tethering technology?!

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