Code 00 on motherboard

Hello I get a code 00 that means the processor and motherboard are died?

Possible issue with your CMOS battery...

For me died processor and motherboard.

Did you upgrade windows 10 to 11 ?

No. The pasta was under processor on socket lga 1551.
I wondering how next 3 years pasta cpu was there?

Are you telling us that all the problems you've had with your computer this whole time, is due to motherboard and CPU? What a rollercoaster of stuff we were going through to figure it out. At least it's not the video card. Easier to get ahold of a new mobo and CPU, then to be able to get a new GPU.

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I have 5 pc 5 laptops. The Zorin working on Pc. Sometimes my GPU is drunk but today working without problems. My pc is LGA 1550; another have socket LGA 1551
GPU there is RX580


Ahhh you got one of those GPU's ha? Gets a little high of the fumes from the vapor cooling heat exchange chamber. Yes, this is obviously a joke, anyone who knows anything about how they work, know there's just 1 drop of water in the copper heat pipes. lol

I am sure he must have some reason for having the head exchanges hoses that long, that would not win a clean design award. The hoses should be the exactly length you need, and would reduce the amount of work the pump has to make, to move the liquid to and from the radiator.

I was impressed at his skills to make his own cold plate and mounting mechanism though, good work on that. Neat share.

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