Collection of terminal profiles?

Is there a profile collection for the "default" terminal somewhere? Would be great if i could install, copy some tried out, nice themes.

None that I know of...

I use Zorin OS Lite, which is xfce. So, I make sure to transfer over my zsh, powerlevel10k and xfce4-terminal configurations over to any new install.

Oh yeah, the GUI.... So the Pro has Gnome, right? I searched for ~/. gconf/apps/gnome-terminal, but there is no such a directory in my home. Can you pls tell me where to look?

You may find this guide useful:

I have never tried to change the gnome-terminal configuration since I never use it - or at least have not used it since i switched to xfce4-terminal and remained there pretty early on...
But according to this:

There isn't one. It is only managed through dconf-editor

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Good stuff, thx! I need to work on my linux topic search skills.

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