Commercial Antivirus for Zorin OS email

I understand about supporting open source and how safe Linux is for users. I have been around forever (learned programming on punch cards) and can keep myself safe without problems. But I run a small business that supports other small businesses. I can't, in good conscience, turn a non tech savvy small business owner loose without a professional AV. The first time that they forward an infected email to another business (still running Windows) their reputation suffers and so does mine. Their computer is safe, but not their business reputation. I have tested the latest MSP version of ESET-works great in Mint, but in spite of following the same steps in Zorin I can only get it partially enabled. Any help or alternative suggestions would be appreciated. I am not looking at ClamTk because it lacks essential features for a small business.

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I cannot think of any alternatives... But can you expand on this statement?

We might be able to help better if we have a more definitive starting point.

OK-ESET Debian version installs. If you are running Secure Boot you need a certificate installed from ESET (generated by the software). On Mint once the certificate is properly enrolled both real-time scanning and web scanning function as intended. On Zorin it seems that real-time scanning runs but web scanning doesn't start. ESET stays red and warns that it has issues. This isn't something that I can turn over to a business owner. ESET Support says that fixing this on Zorin is "out of scope" and I should stick with Linux versions on their approved list.

Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, the same way Mint is. So it can be practical to refer to it as "Ubuntu 20.04" in order to avoid support from being able to call it out of scope.

How did you enroll the certificate?

Did you install from source or using a .deb pacakge?

I used their helpful sudo script to download the latest .deb file. In fact I followed the same exact steps on 2 different Mint installations with zero problems, so I think that the issue is some difference between Mint and Zorin, but I don't know where to start looking. Or if there is some other commercial package that works better with Zorin.

Can you specify the file?

I know that the version 9 release of ESET is intended for Ubuntu 22.04 and that the previous version for Ubuntu 20.04.
The latest Mint is based on Ubuntu 22.04.
The current Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 (Zorin 17 will be based on 22.04).
So that may point us in a direction.

I would like to clarify - I have never installed ESET on Linux so I reply in thread hoping more that the right questions may lead to the right path to troubleshoot - not because I know what I am doing.:wink:

Other users may chime in with suggestions for alternatives or other tips.

The version installed was ESET Endpoint Antivirus - this works great on Linux Mint 21.1 & 21.2. I'll check the exact .deb file tomorrow.

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I was using ESET for over 2 years. They have stopped supporting Linux and no longer sell the Linux subscription. If anyone else has experienced a different experience, please let me know as I would like a real AV on my box.

They no longer sell the individual home user license. They still have the business license which unfortunately has to be purchased for multiple computers or via their MSP console.

Well, this does get my hopes up that we might be on the right track. Yes, that is the 22.04, not the 20.04 version.

Actually, they added 22.04 support, they didn't take away 20.04 support.

The following operating systems of 64-bit architecture are officially supported and tested:

•Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS 64-bit

•Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS

•Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS

•Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, 9 with supported desktop environment installed.

•Linux Mint 20, 21

Supported display servers:



Supported desktop environments:

•Cinnamon 5.0 and later

•GNOME 3.28.2 and later




Any locale with UTF-8 encoding.

I never trust a lack of regressions. I see and agree with your take, but if it was me, I would still test the previous ESET version.

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