Comparison of 5 different Office apps - Screenshot thread

I searched alternatives to MS Office, and for the example of Excel I tried the 4 following Office apps:

  • Libre Office Calc
  • OnlyOffice
  • Planmaker FreeOffice
  • WPS Spreadsheets

I was a little bit disappointed that for WPS Office was no German Interface and also no German regional settings.
Also I am a bit disappointed that the font size are not exact the same as they are on Windows in Excel.
Have a look on my screenshots.
This is only to make your own decisions.


LibreOffice Calc:


Planmaker FreeOfiice:

WPS Spreadsheets:


Hi Donald,

I can highly recommend FreeOffice Plan Maker if on a tight budget (it's German Software engineering at it's best). I purchased SoftMaker Office for 5 machines which only cost me just under £24. I paid quite a bit more for the upgrade from 2018 to 2021 but my throughput for Text documents using TextMaker was far more productive speedwise than MS Word - it is also the most compatible version that shows up when opened in MS applications. OnlyOffice would be a second choice, the Office Suite from Estonia.


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