Complete freeze of browser and system?

This is the first time this has happened, the only way to close browser and system, was to shut down via the power button, is there a way I can find out what happened? it's a modern system with loads of space and no known weaknesses, thanks in advance of any replies, thank you. ps on restart no problems what ever, and no power outage!

You could try viewing the logs using

journalctl --no-pager

The only thing that i see that is different from the rest was this?

(uid=1000 pid=4209 comm="/usr/bin/gnome-terminal.real --window " label="unconfined")

To get a minimum of information and diagnose in real time you can use the browser or anyway use the computer as you usually do while keeping System Monitor in the foreground so you can monitor the usage of processes in real time and see which ones are consuming the most. Left-click on the taskbar > System Monitor > Processes > Move System Monitor to a corner > resize System Monitor window to see at least 10 processes, or use the entire screen vertically if you prefer to see more > right-click title bar > Always in the foreground > right-click on a tag > tick Process Name, CPU %, CPU Time and Memory to monitor them while using your computer. By the way, as I read browser on the post title I thought about its crash handler (that often eats up lots of memory) and hardware acceleration (that usually browsers have, to improve their performance).

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Well I have used timeshift and gone back to a good save, run the same test and all is showing normal, hope I have not wasted your time? thank you.

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