Computer froze after launching Fonts software

I was looking at the installed software from the Software Catalog and I launched the "Fonts" software but it came up with a blank screen that says "All Fonts" with a blank page and my computer froze, died, stopped. I have an Asus Vivobook S533 model. I was in firefox browser. I have Zorin OS pro 16.
My screen shows a picture but everything is shut down. The fan isn't even working.
None of the keys respond. The mouse does nothing.
What do I do?

edit: I just got my computer to shut off. When it came back on it acted like nothing had happened. Stupid software on stupid computers! But what are you going to do.....? Wouldn't like to live without it, that's for sure!

Gnomes Font Viewer has a known standing bug:

Some solve this by running in terminal:

sudo gnome-font-viewer

Which can help the app preload all fonts with elevated permissions, which should allow it to launch without crashing normally afterward.

Others just replace it with Font Manager

sudo apt install font-manager

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I know..... I thought there has to be a combination of keys to get into the BIOS is it called to be able to do something.
My mouse wouldn't even work. I had a screen lit up on the page it froze on.
My mouse is plugged in but whatever the bug did, it stopped my usb ports from working too.
Go figure!
Have a great New Year!

Yes, rebooting will unfreeze it - the rest is about preventing it happening again.

To enter Zorin OS Recovery Menu, you can tap the esc or tab key vigorously when you start seeing the motherboard splash screen.

Then select Advanced Options for Zorin from the grub menu.

To enter BIOS settings: The keypress varies by manufacturer. You may need to look up that information per your make and model. The most common ones are F1, F2, F10 or F12.

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