Computer heating up after installation

I've used Windows most of my life, I recently installed ZorinOS 17.1 at the suggestion of a friend and I'm loving it! However, I face problems with the temperature that my laptop is reaching (even without moving it, completely stopped).

I will leave information about my system below and will provide more if requested!

Gday @gustavomarchesim Welcome to the community!

I'll assume this is a laptop?

I see your uptime says 6hr-41min,, this seems to me that it's been running quiet well !!!

How old is the machine?
has it even been cleaned/serviced?
was it left on a surface that could stop the air flow?
Are the fans still working?

Does this only happen ,, when it's on the charger?

Can elaborate on how you suspect this happened.

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Hi, Thanks for the answer!


I bought it at least 2 years ago, it's a Lenovo ideapad gaming 3i

I open it and clean it from time to time so the problem is definitely not with cleaning.

I use it on a laptop stand.


I only use it plugged in, but I've never had this problem with Windows, especially on Idle.

I don't know exactly, but the temperature increases even when the laptop has just been turned on, I honestly don't know what it could be. The temperature itself doesn't affect usability, but I imagine it wasn't supposed to get hot. I put my hand on the housing and it feels hot (more than it would normally be when using Windows, hence the doubt)

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Thanks for that.
i see a few users having a similar issue,
Two it has been the thermal paste on the CPU.

the case may feel hot, but most cpu's can handle 100c for awhile.

Zorin OS should actually be running cooler/faster.
try the sensors output in the terminal


if you get no response, you will need to install the app.

sudo apt install lm-sensors

You may also give your hd's a check,
Open "Disks", highlight the drive you wish to test, click the 3 Dots in the top right corner & select "SMART data & self test",,
Could also please show us the output for

sudo lshw -C multimedia

ubuntu-drivers devices

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The option is not enabled to be clicked, do you know what it could be?

Captura de tela de 2024-04-12 22-52-00

Ty, sorry one more please

sudo lshw -c display

I'd also open "Software & updates" then click "Settings" open the TAB "Additional drivers" & see if your running on a Nvidia driver, if needed select the appropriate driver & apply, then complete the update.

Sorry i added some info above, re:nvidia drivers.

Follow that & restart & test for awhile.

Also your Temp's look good, my rule of thumb for temps is ( 30c + the temp of the day).
The thermal junction rating for your CPU is 100c, meaning it will shut down @ 100c.

Can you tell me if there is any right? There are so many that I don't know how to choose and I'm afraid of choosing one and causing problems.

At this stage i would leave it as it is,
i believe it has just been updated for your pc from the 470 driver to the 550 driver.

So at this point i don't see any high cpu temp's,
The next time you fell it's becoming hot run the "Sensors" & check.
I believe theres an app that show the temps in the corner of your screen, until your happy or find the issue/cause,,,, you could also Pin "Monitor" to your taskbar & check if you have something using high CPU constantly that may cause heating issue's...

Run the updater restart pc & keep us posted.

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