Computer just changed language and may be taken over HELP

Zorin 16 Lite
2007 computer

I just installed Brave Browser. At the end, I decided to update everything through the terminal and used sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. During that process, my terminal started showing: a language that is not English--maybe Russian or Vietnamese.

Either my computer has been taken over by a hacker or the terminal language needs to be taken back to English. Everything else is still English.

First I want to try and restore English in the terminal. How do I do that?
If that doesn't work, what would be the next steps

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Before doing too much technical stuff better check system language settings and even Brave ones (so re-set your preferred language in case it has been changed), when I update my Firefox from the built-in updater and open it on the same session Italian isn't set soon, I have to restart my laptop to apply Italian correctly, and I wonder why, it's not so normal. I wouldn't use the terminal often, you can run a certain command and do a disaster when maybe there was a simpler way to achieve what you wanted, for me terminal isn't the main tool to use, it's rather an alternative.

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Thank you. I went to settings and set English to apply to the whole system, then restarted.

My terminal is now back to English.

I just hope that it was simply a glitch and not outside interference.


Don't become to paranoid about a possible glitch although it is very rare that language in the system gets altered by an install of a Brave-browser. No need as well for an upgrade and even update when installing such a browser out of the Snap-store or Softwarecentrum.
As a DEB you can install as well, but that is always a risky job as one does not know anything about 'installing a loose deb-package' .... there should be a GPG-key signing that as well. Of course some fools bypass that via the terminal.

So I am not really shure what has happened on your system. An outside attack is 0,00000 X % possibility. It could be though your language settings got a mix up in the install, refering to the region and time-zone. E.g. you could install as a Dutch-man living in Taiwan .... so that rounds it up that language could be Dutch but the region is Taiwanese in the +GMT-zone of the world. lol ..... So when installing always refer to your native tongue and your native whereabouts, then change manually your region whereabouts in the other settings.
So that could be the mixup in global.

Check as well on what update-server you are updating on. If you are in a National mixup (language, native tongue, time-zone) set the server on the head-server of Ubuntu (Zorin in this case) and not a regional server. Specially again, when you travell with the computer in different zones of the world. I always do a look up for a strong server in the region where I am, though my native language may differ.

Don't think too much of being hacked, again this is very rare.
Activate the built in Firewall if you can't calm your mind

sudo ufw enable

Remember if you config a printer with Zorin, you might have to turn this off.

sudo ufw disable

If you are not shure if the Firewall is active or not you can do :

sudo ufw status

This prompts the status as being active or disabled.
All commands require a password for manipulation and information.

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