Computer Rant Thread (Post Your Rants Here!)

With many folks out there who have boot issues with their modern notebooks using UEFI BIOS, it got me thinking about how much easier LEGACY BIOS was on older machines.

Todays Rant...

I couldn't agree with him more!

Post Your Rants!


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I reading all processors generation 12 are TMP 2.0
The same I understand Windows 11 for processors 12 gen. have limits. Ryzen don't have them but Windows is created for Intel processors working a better. I don't know but for me this is some conspiration to not gived a chance AMD to grow up.
Old Windows 10 and new 11 for me is more for monitoring and tracking people.
This years I know and I have a hope linux will be better. Why - to saved your projects what you working and some corporation don't stealing your hard work.


I got a rant today, and its a simple one. Why in the flying foooook, is partitioning on Linux so dam freaking complicated? We get many users here who don't know how to do it, because its unnecessarily complex for no reason. Its so complex, that even a seasoned computer user such as myself, can't even provide the proper assistance to help users understand how to partition.

I can't even begin to convey how freaking frustrated I am right now. There is no reason why partitioning couldn't be easier if somebody just cared enough to make an APP, that makes the process easy to understand. As good as Gparted is and all, its a real PITA to understand what the freaking foooook to do, to do something as simple as resizing your partition.

If it wasn't for Harvey on this site, we'd all be completely lost, and thats a plain fact. I can never wrap my own head around it, and my stupid memory can never remember his teachings. So ya, consider me frustrated and lost. And I am now in give up mode.


I lilked his channel. He speaking slowly without background music to understamd everything what he sayed. He explaining any commands what he wrote and how they working.
@StarTreker Don't worry we all here on this forum a big cake where one person is a part a cake taste diffrent but without any toxic because here we trying help how we can. The Linux is changing every years and that is normal something old not working and many new things what we don't understand.

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