Configuring a 2nd Drive

Is it normal if you machine has more then one drive that the 2nd drive what would normally be the d drive show up as "other locations"? or is there something you are suppose to do to make it show up as a D drive?

I think that's normal for most Linux distributions, it's just a convention just like it is for Windows to name them using C or D. Although I'm not sure if there are options to change this (most likely there are).

well I just want to be sure its set up correctly.. I am having some trouble with using MEGA and having the MEGA sync drive on the "other location" Is this a normal path for another location, which would be my d drive?


cause when MEGA asked me where to put the MegaDrive Uploads I pointed it to this path, which did create a MEGA folder, but the syncing is not syncing.. It did the first time I put stuff in there but has not synced anything from the server down or the PC up since that time.

Does Mega have some sort of documentation that walks through how to setup the client on Linux? You can always do a quick test by moving the sync folder to some other directory. But, what you already have setup should be working normally as far as I can tell

I actually searched the web, went to their doc, even wrote support.. Have not heard blip from them at all.. Great customer service btw. I mean I only sent the request for help 3 days ago.. Not a great way to get paying customers. I mean just send an email saying something.

I figured out what is happening.. However, not that good at linux to solve it permanently. Don't really want to hack stuff..

Okay so here is the problem. Because the 2nd drive in the system is not mounted yet and MEGA starts when you log in, since MEGA can't find the folder it stops the sync and you would think you could just go and restart MEGA and it would find the folder but it doesn't. In order to have your system sync properly what you need to do is stop MEGA from starting at login and manually start it each time yourself after you are sure your drive is mounted.

There might be a way to delay starting mega but that is up to you. I have no problem starting MEGA manually myself each time I restart the machine.


Nice troubleshooting!

You can actually set it up to mount automatically on boot by editing the /etc/fstab file. I'll leave here some links (written and video form, pick your choice) for you so you can check it out when you have some time to dig in:

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