Conky is slow & no Lua

Hello there,
I just install Zorin Pro 17.1 and I try to make Conky working correctly.

  • I did install conky-all but, Lua seem not install.
  • Conky is slow and overlaps.
  • I install Conky manager 2 but, even those default script are slow and not working well.

I do have i7 12k // 32G Ram //GTX 3060Ti

Any idea?

Lua from the Ubuntu Repositories would prooobably be too old for Conky (at least, if Conky requires a recent version of Lua). Maybe install it with homebrew?

About the slowness, I have no idea :upside_down_face:

Hello and thank you for the help.
I will share what I did, it's all fine now!

  • Please note that I do not use Windows at all...
  • I did a reset on BIOS then disable the Fast Boot Option.
  • I reformat my SSD M2 ext4 with the MSDOS Table. (it's was GPT).
  • Did the full installation again... And updates+upgrade
    Now it's all good!
  • I do not use the latest version of NVIDIA drivers, I use the v535 propriety, tested drivers.

For any modern system, please stick to GPT formatting.
MSDOS Partition Tables have many limitations, including things like only allowing for 4 partitions for example.

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