Conky screenshot glitch

Screenshot from 2023-11-19 21-57-30

This is a screenshot of my Conky. My display shows the bar in white according to the configuration, but it is black in the screenshot. It is not a serious glitch, but I'm curious why.

conky.config = {
    alignment = 'top_right',
    background = false,
    default_color = 'white',
    default_outline_color = 'white',
    default_shade_color = 'black',
    double_buffer = true,
    draw_outline = false,
    draw_shades = true,
    font = 'JetBrains Mono:size=12',
    gap_x = 64,
    gap_y = 16,
    own_window = true,
    own_window_type = 'desktop',
    own_window_argb_visual = true,
    own_window_argb_value = 0,
    use_xft = true,
    default_bar_height = 8,
    short_units = true,

conky.text = [[
$alignc${font JetBrains Mono:size=24}${time %R}$font
$alignc${time %F}${font Noto Sans CJK JP:size=12}${time %A}$font
CPU: ${alignr}${freq}MHz
RAM: ${alignr}$mem/$memmax
Swap: ${alignr}$swap/$swapmax
File: ${alignr}$fs_used/$fs_size
Temp: ${alignr}${acpitemp}°C

I loaded the posted .conkyrc, but am unable to reproduce the glitch. What screen shot tool are you using ?
Screenshot from 2023-11-19 09-38-43

I use gnome-screenshot. I just took the screenshot again and it did not reproduce. Maybe it conflicts with wallpaper switching with time.

I used the same application. Are you using the default wallpaper that changes with the time of day ?

Yes, it is Zorin 16's default.

I would see if it makes any difference when the wallpaper cycles to the different colors, day, afternoon,and so forth.


Screenshot from 2023-11-20 18-27-51
It still seems to go wrong at the time when the wallpaper is switching.

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