Conky theme Beta 16

I can't install run conky grapes theme. I've got conky installed. And grapes folder inside of conky folder. Every instruction seems to be a little different for each distro. Linux noob, so need step by step instructions. Also haven't managed to install conky manager, but don't really need it. Since I only want to run grapes. Maybe change colors.

Zoirn OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04. The 18.04 CM does not seem to have a Focal Repo at this time.
But you can install CM2 easily.

Download the zip and extract it (In your Downloads folder is fine) and then open a terminal within the extracted directory or cd into it and run



sudo make install

I installed it that way on my Z16 beta.

Just in case...

sudo apt install conky-all

to install conky.

I have never used Conky-grapes, but reading the devs page:

suggests that there are known compatability issues with Gnome. I also use Cinnamon Desktop - on Zorin OS for similar reasons.