Connection to Windows LAN

In Other Locations I can see the Windows icon but when I click it it says.. Folder is Empty.

Sorry, but I'm not sure where I go from here to get to my Windows LAN.

I do not connect to Windows LAN so I may be functionally useless, here.
But maybe this can help:

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Assume this to be a duplicate thread? Please avoid doing that, as it causes extra work and confusion for helpers. Thankyou.

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Duplicate closed.


Sorry about that. Wasn't sure whether I had already poster it and when I looked couldn't see it. The view is very different to how I see things in Win. :slight_smile:
Just getting used to it all.

No problem.

Just found this from doing websearch of "Unable to Access Location Windows LAN Ubuntu".
Dont know if it will help you or not:

Many thanks. I'll check it out.

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